The bully kept her in a handful of loans, saved by a former boyfriend

Sarka met her boyfriend at the disco and the young couple soon began to live together. Šárka gradually took several loans to furnish the apartment , which they repaid together with her partner. He himself did not take any loan because of the entry in the register , but the woman in love did not see the problem.

Out of love as a beam, Agatha’s daughter was born over time and problems began. Sarka’s partner seems to be bothering the baby and coming home late. Noticeably, he was getting sms, and it became clear to Sarka that there was someone else in the relationship.

When she asked her partner for infidelity, he began to curse her and the first slap fell. Sarka was shocked, but many victims of domestic violence thought she had provoked her boyfriend.

There wasn’t one slap left

Consolidation Loan

But the first ascent of the imaginary avalanche. Partner Šárka scolded more and more often and physical attacks increased . When Sarka decided to leave her boyfriend, he began threatening to do everything in court to prevent her daughter from taking care of her.

Indebted Sarka believed his threats and her partner gained even more power over her. They both knew that when Sarka left, she would not have the money to pay . In order to annoy his companion even more, he began sending installments later and so Šárka received notifications from creditors .

The partner was holding Šárka in a handful, and she was no longer hoping to get out of the horrific relationship before the parental end. She received CZK 7,000 per month and only CZK 6,000 on loans . With a thousand per month as a single mother, she would not have been able to live and had no place to live.


A former friend offered help

A former friend offered help

The turnaround occurred when Sarka met her former friend Mark in the shop. He saw how awful Sarka looks and invited her to coffee. The desperate woman told him everything, and Marek decided to help her. Above all, he reassured her by saying that the court would never leave the baby to a father who beats his mother. Sarka also advised to take a picture of each injury, go to the doctor and the police. They agreed on another meeting and Sarka felt much better.

Over time, the partner’s nerves again and Šárka hit several times. Šárka then locked in the toilet and secretly took a picture of her cell phone injury. The next morning she gathered her courage and went to the doctor who reported abuse to the police. When the man was in the interrogation, Sarka called Mark and together they carried out another part of the plan.


She escaped to the refuge and sold things

She escaped to the refuge and sold things

Sarka quickly packed herself, her daughter, and a few things she had bought for money from loans . Marek came to pick them up and took Šárka and his daughter to the shelter where they stayed for several days. He left things by appointment until Sarka found a buyer for them. In the end, Šárka gained CZK 10,000 from the sale, which served her for a new start.

Sarka also called us, explained her situation and asked to consolidate loans with a new payment schedule . Due to the circumstances, we have complied with her request and her mother now lives with her friend, preparing for a court with her former partner and paying CZK 3,000 a month. She earns some tailor-made clothes and goes weekly to clean offices in the center of Ostrava.