Loan without register even in insolvency

Both bank loans and consumer loans can solve insufficient cash and acquire the necessary equipment or pay for the agreed services or goods. It offers acceptable interest rates and conditions, but it also precludes a large group of applicants in advance from strict conditions.

Mothers on maternity leave, retirees, students or clients who are in a disadvantageous situation and are registered or insolvent have only a slight chance of getting a loan and using the funds offered.

The loan does not have to be linked to a hasty decision

The loan does not have to be linked to a hasty decision

You do not have to buy luxury gifts, expensive equipment or a challenging holiday plan in an exotic destination. Unpleasant complications easily enter normal life and need to be resolved quickly. Crashed car needs to be repaired because it depends on daily commuting or company logistics.

Large appliances help you solve your daily family and household care. Families often face a difficult distribution of cash between payment for food, rent, services, but also the payment of rings, tuition, equipment and sports equipment. The loss or theft of documents and cash in your wallet can easily disrupt the budget.

A challenging bridging period can take several days to pay. Delayed payments for work done conflict with standing orders for rent, energy or services. Borrowing a small amount to fill in the missing gaps and help to stabilize the budget over time is an optimal solution. It will not burden your household or business with excessive repayments, will give you confidence and help prevent problems with reminders, paying penalty payments and prevent service restrictions.

Everything is done from home


You do not need to apply for a loan just banks. The Saint offers stable facilities and fair conditions for getting the necessary amount, does not burden its clients with unnecessary administration and offers available conditions to relatively risky groups. Due to the loan we will not drag you after personal negotiations. You do not have to arrange a meeting with a banker, suffer the waiting or a long interrogation. All the formalities need to be typed into the computer. Banks can deal with a number of forms and complex loan conditions, and we act quickly and conveniently. We do not ask for proof of money usage, we do not need to know the reasons for your decision. We will not assess the entry in the registry, in particular the central registry of debtors or any insolvency that may arise when approving the application.

We do not want to enrich your unpleasant situation, we do not want to benefit from another’s misfortune. We strive to represent inflexible banks and offer loans to help meet the necessary commitments with minimal impact. For example, mobile operators or energy bills are associated with a prompt response in the reminder. Late payments are penalized and in the short term operators limit the services provided. Negotiations will take time, increase costs and unnecessarily complicate the normal operation of the home and business.

The processing of the loan in the bank is accompanied by long negotiations and a longer approval process. With the Saint you can do everything in a fraction of the time and with a much better result. The practical interactive tool will help you make your decision. The overview table lets you enter any amount and immediately shows the subsequent amount of installments and their number. This makes it easy to get a real idea of ​​future repayments and the burden on your current budget and to reasonably choose your target amount. It is also important to ensure that all data, contract terms and interest rates remain the same. We will not change the terms of the loan, increase the costs by hidden fees, processing fees or administration. When you agree to the contract, you get a precise schedule of the amount of repayments and their deadlines.

Without unnecessary fees and administration

Without unnecessary fees and administration

We will not penalize you even for early repayment of the loan. You can repay the loan according to the current possibilities. Even if your situation develops in the opposite direction and you are unable to accurately comply with the agreed terms. Communicate with us, we will try to meet you at all times. We postpone the due date or propose a new payment schedule.

High interest is an important and frequent question. Non-bank loans work at a higher risk and at a different rate. In this case, however, we are talking about a loan of low amounts for a short time. The feared high interest will be converted into a fee of the order of one hundred crowns. It is an affordable price for quick and successful dealings and the ability to reach a loan even when you are burdened by a record in the register or insolvency.

Simple and understandable conditions


The Saint gains the trust of a large number of clients through fair dealing and a well-designed, comprehensible system. The basic conditions for drawing the loan are citizenship, legal age, active bank account, mobile phone and email address.

Easily enter basic information in the entry form, SMS authorizes the approval process, and in a matter of minutes we will confirm your acceptance and approval status. In most cases, the loan is approved and we immediately send the requested amount to your account. Simple, efficient and fast, as promised in the introduction.